The Easiest Way to Make a WordPress Blog SEO Friendly

  • August 30, 2022
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WordPress Blog SEO


The simplest technique to optimise a WordPress blog for search engines. Unbelievably, WordPress is fairly SEO-friendly right out of the box. Use plugins like Yoast SEO or All In One if you want to make it more SEO-friendly. You are aware of this, though. What no one tells you is this. There are two key reasons why most blogs aren’t SEO-friendly, and plugins won’t help with either of these problems.

The first reason

The first factor is that you have an abundance of content on the same subject. 

As you can see, blogging can cause writer’s block or the forgetting of previously written material. 

As a result, you could unintentionally write about the same subject repeatedly.

For instance, I might have previously produced a post titled The Beginners Guide to SEO

Then, a year later, publish a guide on how to begin using SEO

I might then produce a post titled Seven SEO Tips for Beginners six months later. 

Although each of those posts is unique, Google frequently treats them as being similar because they are all about SEO for beginners. 

That can also be

can make search engines confused. Additionally, Google won’t know which post or term to prioritise when ranking for keywords like “SEO for beginners.”

Therefore, what you should do is compile the posts that revolve around related keywords into a single, fantastic content. By doing this, you will improve your overall ranks and lessen search engine confusion. The key here is to use Google Analytics to determine which page is the most popular when you encounter that problem, then combine that page with any others to solve the problem. Do 301 redirects after that, and make sure to update any internal links that were pointing to the previous post so that they now point to the new one.

WordPress Blog SEO

The second reason

Your material is out-of-date, which is the second reason your WordPress blog isn’t as search engine friendly. Did you know that, according to Similarweb, Wikipedia is the sixth most visited website worldwide? Do you know how they manage to do that? They do update their content frequently, though. On a daily basis, Wikipedia gets updated.

Even some of their most well-liked pages receive daily updates. And some content is changed numerous times within an hour, particularly when there is new news. It’s quite efficient. People typically write content for blogs but never update them. With the help of NP Digital, our agency, we learn this. When we speak with clients, 98% of those that cooperate with us do so before they even started, never update their old content.

Naturally, we modify that as soon as they begin working with us and begin updating their previous content. Ideally, you should perform this activity more frequently than once a year. And it’s simple to start bringing in more traffic this way.

And you undoubtedly want to know, “Which older blogs should I update, reo? Do they need to be updated somewhat or a lot?” The simplest way to determine which posts require the most updating is to check Google Search Console, where you can see which pages have had a decline in traffic over time. The ones that require updating initially are those.

You should now check out the other websites and blogs that rank higher than mine for the terms for which I lost ranking points when you change them. Do a Google search for them, visit their websites, and consider ways to improve your own.


The two aforementioned causes can be fixed, but it will take time. However, most blogs aren’t SEO-friendly because of the time factor. They would rather use a fast plugin to solve their issues. However, not all plugins are able to solve every problem; occasionally, some human resources are all that’s required.

Your blog will therefore be more SEO-friendly if you invest the time and effort into it. Or, if you want my team to simply take care of this for you, visit My site , where we can take care of all of your SEO requirements. If you appreciate this video, please subscribe to the channel and share it. Please leave a comment below if you have any queries; I’m happy to assist.

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