7 Actionable SEO Tips That Are Easy to Implement

  • August 25, 2022
  • SEO
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Tip Number 1

everybody has SEO blunders. It’s regular in light of the fact that as you change your current pages, or even add new ones, it can constantly make more blunders. So I believe you should make a beeline for neilpatel.com/ubersuggest. Type in your URL. In the left hand route, click on “dashboard” and afterward click on “add your most memorable task.” Follow the means, bit by bit.

What you’ll find is Ubersuggest will screen your webpage, take a gander at the catchphrases you need to rank for, take a gander at all the SEO mistakes you have on your site, yet here’s what Ubersuggest does that I love. What it does would it say it is, separates the mistakes through and through, what will have the greatest effect and what’s the least demanding to execute? So you need to fix the simple ones first, since they’re at the top and they’ll likewise biggerly affect your rankings. Furthermore, that way you’ll obtain improved brings about a more limited timeframe.

7 Actionable SEO Tips That Are Easy to Implement

Number 2

Tip number two, speaking of Ubersuggest, it’s also a tool that I added to my own website, neilpatel.com, and I want you to do something similar. It’s so popular that’s generated over 24,000 backlinks. That’s a lot! That’s a lot of extra links that I’m adding to neilpatel.com and it was so effective, I also bought AnswerThePublic and I’m going to integrate that into our portfolio over the up and coming months. Links are popular currency. The more people that link to you, the generally the higher you will rank.

Number 3

Tip number three, use Google Search Console. It’s a free tool from Google. Log into it and add your website if you already haven’t done so. In Search Console, I want you to look at your traffic.

7 Actionable SEO Tips That Are Easy to Implement

Number 4

Tip number four, delete irrelevant pages that no one cares for anymore. See, over time, some of the content on your site will just get old and irrelevant. I’m not talking about outdated. I just mean straight up irrelevant. Easiest solution, delete those pages and 301 Redirect them to the most relevant pages that are on your website. This will help you keep your site clean and strong from an SEO standpoint.

Number 5

Tip number five, write on exploding topics. One of the best ways to get traffic, is to write on topics that are just about to get super popular, but aren’t that competitive yet. There’s a tool called exploding topics. It shows you what you should consider going after. And I want you to start writing content on that.

7 Actionable SEO Tips That Are Easy to Implement

Number 6

Tip number six, now, this is an easy one, but it costs money. Have you noticed there are a lot of blogs out there? There’s pretty much blogs on everything. Look for one that’s ranking great in your space and has traffic. You want to take that blog, hit up the site owner, you can usually find their email on the contact page or through tools like hunter.io, and ask them if they want to sell it. Most people will ignore you, some will say yes. If you find some at reasonable prices, buy them, merge it into your website, including their content, and make sure you do the 301 Redirect to the appropriate URL, and once you do that, it’s simple.

Number seven

Tip number seven, merge content on similar pages. For example, I may have two blog posts on the topic of SEO for beginners. Now this confuses search engines, as they don’t know which one to rank. So what do you do? You merge the pages together. Then you take the URL with less traffic and forward it using a 301 Redirect to the more popular page. This helps solves confusion for the search engines. And in the end, you’ll get more search traffic over time.

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