How to Protect Your SEO Rankings

  • August 31, 2022
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Being highly ranked on Google is one thing, but maintaining and maintaining your rankings is quite another. 

How can you make sure that your positions are genuinely maintained and kept when you spend so much time doing SEO and competing for competitive key phrases, as I am doing here? 

I’m going to show you how to safeguard your SEO rankings today.

Lets Start

Therefore, the first thing I want you to do is search for “google search console” on Google. And once you do that, you’ll get some outcomes similar to this. Welcome to Google Search Console is the second link.

It can be the most important link for you. Just click it. I want you to add your website to Google Search Console after you click it. If your website has already been added to Google Search Console, wonderful! You can skip this step and go ahead in the video. But if you haven’t, I’ll just walk you through the process.

reorays has already been added. I’ll thus invent a domain name, such as neilkpatel, and press continue. Verify information. It’s truly that easy to validate your site once you’ve done that and are inside Google Search Console. Alternatively, you can verify it later. After that, you can choose your property. I’m going to choose in the end. You can view your traffic over time here if you choose or your own website.

It will indicate whether there are any problems with stuff like AMP or breadcrumbs. However, I am aware that logging into Google Search Console every day is difficult and time-consuming.

could forget. Therefore, I need you to take a very small action. After registering, logging in, and adding your website. You’ll discover that Google Search Console will send you emails once a month.

Here are my April statistics, including clicks, impressions, new top content, top-performing gains, how people find you, top-performing inquiries, and audience information. I enjoy checking out the newest, fastest-growing questions.

You can concentrate on those terms because they provide a general overview. However, if I return to the search results, here’s what I find interesting: Google will let you know if they discover any problems with your website.

Even though it’s not a guarantee, doing this enhances the likelihood that your rankings will hold steady over time and remain at the top. It also boosts your chances of ranking higher even if you aren’t there.

For instance, the problem they found was breadcrumb problems on When you correct it, you just authenticate that heir. I’ll send these emails to my developer or, if I know how, I’ll do it myself. It offers you information on the heir. You’ll also be informed that they are validating it. They’ll even let you know if they accept it or not. And they’ll let you know right away if there are any problems.

For instance, you may have seen the breadcrumb issue, and right here is another one: AMP, which is used to discover difficulties on mobile-friendly pages on The referred-to AMP URL is not, in fact, an AMP page. I therefore forwarded something to my developers to repair or I can do it myself

Additionally, when you submit for problems, if you validated them and everything goes according to plan, fantastic, and they keep telling you, “All right, it’s repaired,” A 500 server error was discovered, for example, due to coverage difficulties. So I went in and updated it and submitted it, however sometimes it says some changes failed for the 500 errors when I submit it. And after I mention that some fixes didn’t work, I move on to trying to confirm and fixing it once more.

But if you do this consistently, you’ll discover that eventually you’ll address every single problem that Google is finding on your website, which will enhance the likelihood that you’ll keep your ranks.

And if your ranking isn’t great, if you resolve all the problems they keep sending you, eventually your ranking should improve as well. And if you only do this, it’s a terrific strategy to make sure that you at least keep a few more rankings throughout time and have less oscillations.

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