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Our market-leading content marketing services, which cover everything from strategy formulation to content generation, publication, distribution, and promotion, are designed to help you reach your company’s objectives. 

Develop results-driven, compelling content for your website, email campaigns, social media platforms, and sponsored distribution to strengthen your brand.

What are Content Marketing Services?

Companies and marketers can use content marketing services to get the material, strategy, tools, and assessment they need to support marketing initiatives. 

These could involve formulating a plan, designing marketing collateral, carrying out content marketing campaigns, assessing the effectiveness of such efforts, and giving suggestions for the marketing strategy’s future. 

Blog posts, guest posts, social media updates, movies and animations, white papers, case studies, infographics, and other material forms may be used.

What Types of Marketing Content we deliver ?

Reo is a full-service content marketing firm, thus we have nearly infinite capacity for content generation. We collaborate closely with your content marketing team to identify the materials you require and the most effective distribution method.

Expert writers, SEO aficionados, graphic designers, videographers, animators, social media strategists, and other professionals make up our internal workforce. Together, we are a formidable team of marketing experts with years of expertise producing top-notch content for a variety of global clients and sectors.

Blog Content Creation:

Blog postings serve as top-of-the-sales-funnel material that promotes visual storytelling while raising brand awareness and boosting website traffic. Each blog post is created by authors with a specific industry in collaboration with project managers and content marketing strategists. Blogging is a great strategy to bring in organic traffic to your website and grow your online presence. A detailed editorial calendar that is shared with you serves as the foundation for all blog posts.

Our writers and content marketers plan each blog post with your input and the help of our search engine optimization expertise, conducting keyword research to make sure that the topics, titles, keywords, and formatting appeal to your target audience, support your digital content marketing strategy, and advance your business objectives. 

Our goal is to produce informative and interesting material for readers while adhering to best standards for SEO content development. 

After the content has been written, revised, approved, and published, our strategists evaluate its effectiveness. 

With the help of these analytics, your content production team can maximise the benefits of its inbound marketing initiatives for your company and use this information to guide future blog articles and other types of content.

Infographics & Asset Design

Data is transformed into compelling digital narrative by Brafton infographics. 

With the help of content writers, marketing strategists, and project managers, graphic designers construct an engaging, brand-focused story that simplifies complicated subjects into understandable visual information using 2D images, characters, illustrations, and stylized iconography.

The infographics from Brafton are available in a range of sizes, and they work well when published in resource centres, utilised in marketing automation, and embedded in blog posts in their full form. 

Brafton offers a wide range of asset design services in addition to infographics, such as bespoke illustrations for blog and social media posts and clickable call-to-action buttons to assist your marketing campaign achieve its conversion goals.

Full Service Email Marketing

Our content marketers produce newsletters that captivate readers and expand your email list using data-driven expertise and marketing best practises. 

Additionally, utilising email templates with personalised artwork and CTAs, writers create press releases and marketing emails to disseminate information about brand updates, events, and campaigns across distribution lists.

In accordance with your chosen distribution plan, email copy may also be sent and managed across all significant email service providers and marketing automation platforms. 

Newsletter and other email content is created specifically to meet your digital marketing needs and reach your target audience at every level of the sales funnel, from brand awareness to thought leadership to lead generation.

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