3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2022

  • August 6, 2022
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there are three things you need to know if you want to rank higher on Google get more traffic get more clicks and get more customers first you need to nail on page optimization get this wrong and it doesn’t matter how many backlinks you build how much content you create or how much time money or energy you throw at the problem because nothing’s gonna work next is a theory called audience over algorithms that every great seo lives and dies by but don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this before most people haven’t so I’ll show you exactly what it means and how you can use it to rank higher than ever before and lastly you need to use something called next level links now they’re a little trickier to get than your standard run-of-the-mill links but they provide 10 times more power so they’re definitely worth the extra effort so let me show you how it’s done starting with the ever important on-page optimization

On-page Optimization

on-page optimization is the most important part of seo but fortunately it’s also the thing that is completely 100 within your control I mean let’s be honest here one of the biggest issues with trying to optimize a website or a piece of content or a video is that you don’t own the search engine so they’re free to do or not do whatever they want now some people naturally don’t like this and so they give up and get frustrated and quit long before their stuff ever had a chance of ranking but that’s not the answer the answer is to learn and then play within the rules you see back in the day like 10 years ago which in internet years is like a thousand years ago oh hey man how’s it going you wouldn’t happen to know anything about seo now would you hey so what you doing with that thing it looks kind of dangerous yeah anyway back then all you needed to do was just fill your website with keyword stuffed content and throw as many links as possible at it and then just like magic high rankings but Google’s no dummy and so over time their algorithm evolved making those spammy black hat tactics way less effective and today not only do those sketchy strategies not work but they can actually do a significant amount of damage to your overall rankings and even lead to your website being completely blacklisted and removed from the search engine completely and this is scary stuff so clearly you want to do this right now when it comes to on-page optimization there’s four things that you want to do to set yourself and your site up for success so let me walk you through those now the

SEO Tips to Rank

Technical optimization

first is technical optimization which is basically just making sure that your site is built okay this includes taking a look at where your website is being hosted so that it loads fast which is a key factor in user experience and one of the things that Google looks at when trying to decide where to put your website first page second page third page

SEO Tips to Rank


the next on page factor is content I’ll dive into this deeper in just a minute but for now just know that when we’re talking about optimizing your content we’re talking about making sure that it’s high quality it’s useful and it’s relevant to your audience and what they might be searching for but again more on that in just a minute

Internal Links And Structures

number three on the list of on-page optimization is all about internal links and structure now full disclosure this next part is a little more geek than chic but it’s important this is because how your website is set up how your pages are optimized what parts linked to other parts and how much duplicate versus unique content you have on your site well they all add up to form an overall impression of just how valuable your website is to the search engines this is why it’s important here to make sure that you only have high quality and relevant information on your site and that it’s well linked and well organized and essentially just has a really good and easy to follow structure and for some reason you do need to have content on your website that just may not be that useful save for something like an internal business document or customer support documentation don’t worry you can use the robot’s meta tag no index which will stop this content from being indexed on the search engines

SEO Tips to Rank


part 4 is all about design and functionality this means things like making sure that your website not only looks good and works on a mobile device but maybe even that it’s optimized for a mobile device this is because more and more people are viewing websites from their phones and if they have to do that whole pinch and scroll and zoom thing it’s just not gonna go well for you my friend okay so that’s the technical stuff out of the way and if it all sounds completely overwhelming don’t worry there’s a lot of good people out there who can look after this for you so you can move on to the more important parts of seo things like creating high quality content and that little thing I mentioned before audience over algorithms but before I show you exactly how to make sure that you’re feeding Google exactly what it wants first a real quick message from this video sponsor ahrefs hrefs is an all-in-one seo toolset designed for everyone from junior marketers all the way up to seo experts I’ve used ahrefs as a core part of my seo strategy for almost a decade now and I can’t imagine trying to rank a website without it

Audience Over Algorithms

talk about content and what this whole audience over algorithms thing really is about seo was one of the first marketing strategies that I ever really learned about and I used it to build a number of different successful businesses including my very first agency and so seo is always going to hold a very special place in my heart that said things have changed a lot since then I mean we still don’t have the flying cars that they promised us but at least the search engines have gotten better at separating the ham from the spam I’m not sure if that’s a saying we’re gonna go with it in other less weird terms Google has gotten a whole lot smarter for example back in the day was all about those keywords and if you wanted to rank for a term like say marketing well all you needed to do was write the spammiest content ever and just fill it with these keywords for example welcome to my marketing website where we talk about marketing strategy and marketing coaching marketing consulting marketing agency marketing marketing marketing now if you search the internet long and hard enough you’ll find that some of these sites still exist fossils really relics of a different time a simpler time a spammier time but this approach doesn’t work anymore thankfully and the big reason for this is that it provides an absolutely terrible user experience the old way of creating content was focused on something called keyword density which was literally about cramming as many keywords as you possibly could onto a page the new way though looks at a whole lot more factors like wdf idf which is a formula that uses two factors to analyze sites pages and articles idf and wdf wdf stands for within document frequency and describes how often a word is used and idf stands for inverse document frequency which is all about how popular a term is on other sites but there’s also something called lsi which stands for latent semantic indexing it’s basically just fancy marketer talk for synonyms or keywords that are closely related to terms that search engines use so keeping on with our marketing website ranking article this would mean that we would also want to use words that were conceptually related to marketing like digital marketing social media content email sms marketing text marketing lead generation you get the picture the big takeaway here is that trying to game the system by just cramming keywords onto the page or going too deep down the rabbit hole of wdf idf or anything else like that is probably a whole lot more hassle than it’s worth but more importantly it’s also more likely to lead to a very unpleasant user experience for your visitor and this means that they’re far more likely to click the back button and bounce which unsurprisingly will destroy your search engine rankings faster than a penguin riding a panda that’s a that’s an seo joke but by focusing on proven marketing fundamentals like first identifying your markets biggest fears and pains and problems and frustrations as well as all of their wants and goals and dreams and desires you can be sure that you’re creating valuable content that actually resonates with them so they’re far more likely to stick around now doing all of this is important

Next Level Links

and it’s a really great start but there’s still one more thing you have to do if you want to claim that top search engine spot and that’s all about acquiring next level links here’s the deal if what we just talked about with the audience over algorithms is all about your audience well the next level links is all about the algorithm this is because unless your audience goes actively searching and looking for the links that you have they’re unlikely to see them and definitely don’t care but YOU KNOW who does care that’s right the algorithm and they care a lot see think of a backlink as a vote or a ballot cast in favor of your website as a way of saying hey I think this website is pretty good it’s a recommendation really but like all recommendations they’re not all created equal for example if you were applying for a job and your former boss wrote you a letter of recommendation saying just how great you were how you always showed up early and stayed late you went the extra mile and you’re just a generally awesome person well that’s likely to go a pretty long way on the other hand if your old sketchy friend from high school who just can’t seem to get his life together and has been sleeping on your couch for three months says the same thing well not only is that recommendation not going to help you it’ll also probably do as much damage to your reputation as he’s doing to your couch this is why when it comes to acquiring backlinks for your website which are still a very important ranking factor you want to focus on quality over quantity and there are two great places to acquire next level backlinks that you want to start with first and there’s really no nice way of saying this you basically just want to copy all of your competitors backlinks yeah I’d love to be able to tell you to be original and go out there and make your own backlinks but the point is they’ve already got the links that you kind of need so you might as well just get them too now the way to find out what backlinks your competitors have that you don’t is use a tool like ahrefs where you simply put in your competitor’s website and then it’ll give you a long list of all the links that they have start with the links that have the highest Dr. which stands for domain rating and then work your way down the list next think of any other relevant or related websites in your industry that you could go and try to get links from for example are there different authoritative websites or blogs that you could create content for or are there different high quality listing sites like say a local chamber of commerce that you could get to link back to your site the best place to start though really is by signing up for a free hrefs webmaster tools account I even put together a real short video right here that shows you exactly how to use it so make sure to check that out now and I’ll see in the next video it all starts by first understanding the single biggest mistake that most people make when it comes to seo optimizing their website and trying to get more of that sweet Google traffic and that is most people don’t have a

SEO Tips to Rank

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